Gene Helton Advisor of the Year Award

Ben Buenzow (left) and Ken Smith (right) present Joe Lamberson with the Gene Helton Memorial Award on April 21, 2017.

The Gene Helton Advisor of the Year Award honors an individual who consistently exemplifies the high professional standards exhibited by Mr. Helton. Like Mr. Helton, past winners have made significant contributions to both our Association and the industry.

The award is presented in memory of Gene Helton who passed away in 1973 while serving as President of the Des Moines Association. Gene was a hard worker and a doer. Through his leadership and encouragement, he had the special ability to make others more productive. With the award that bears his name, we continue to honor members who are similarly dedicated to this Association. We benefit from his efforts today.

Nominees are reviewed by the selection committee based on industry awards they have earned; association activities they have been involved with; if they have served at the state or national level; their designations and education level and any civic or charitable activity outside the association.

Congratulations to NAIFA Central Iowa board member Eric Raasch for receiving the 2017 award!

Would you like to nominate someone deserving of this honor? Download a pdf of the award procedures HERE.

Past Gene Helton Advisor of the Year Award Recipients

1977-R. John Badger, CLU, ChFC and Johnne D. Syversen, CLU, ChFC
1978-Dennis N. Christiansen
1979-Dennis N. Christiansen
1980-Not Awarded
1981-Michael J. Dubes, CLU, CFP
1982-David T. Pflanz, ChFC
1983-Douglas M. Ireland, CLU, ChFC
1984-Douglas M. Ireland, CLU, ChFC
1985-Clifford L. Carey, CLU, LUTCF
1986-M. Elizabeth Baer, CLU, ChFC
1987-Thomas R. Clark, CLU, ChFC
1988-Michael J. Reiter, CLU, ChFC
1989-Larry J. Hanson, CLU, ChFC
1990-Bill C. Brantley, CLU, ChFC
1991-Patrick L. Knueven, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
1992-Roger A. Godfredsen, CLU, ChFC
1993-Richard J. Cordaro, LUTCF
1994-Vern Sodawasser, CLU, ChFC (deceased) and Ric Jorgensen, CLU, CFP, RHU, CAM (deceased)
1995-Wayne A. Christ, CLU, ChFC
1996-Donald J. Cook, CLU, CFP
1997-Jesse A. Patton, LUTCF, HIA, MHP
1998-Terry W. Lantz, CFP, LUTCF, FIC
1999-Gary Vander Werf, CLU, ChFC (deceased)
2000-Robert Grieser, LUTCF
2001-Paul Zietlow, CLU, LUTCF, RHU, ChFC
2002-John F. Burns, CLU, ChFC
2003-Jill Herwig Clark, LUTCF, CFCI
2004-Stephen McGoldrick, LUTCF
2005-Keith Hennessey
2006-Randy Studer, CLU, ChFC
2007-Art Dinkin, CFP, LUTCF, ChFC, CLU
2008-David Beery, LUTCF
2009-Samuel E. Dings, LUTCF
2010-Linda Johnson-Lundquist, LUTCF
2011-Timothy W. Retz, LUTCF
2012-Kenneth M. Smith, CLU, LUTCF
2013-Sonja Gonzalez
2014-Richard Citarella, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
2015-Roger Ruden, ChFC

2016-Joe Lamberson

2017-Eric Raasch