President’s Letter

First off, thank you for investing in yourself and the insurance industry by being a member of NAIFA Central Iowa. I am honored to serve as the 2017-2018 President of our local Association.

There is a lot of new and exciting updates taking place with NAIFA Central Iowa. We are now working with a new Association Management Group, PCG Marketing, which is a local firm that has taken over as of July 1st, 2016. We have a new website that has launched this summer that we are excited to utilize moving forward to make it easier for members to sign up for events, etc.

It is important that you understand the impact that legislative regulations and changes greatly impact on our industry. I know not everyone is actively engaged in politics but our industry is constantly under attack through the form of more regulation each and every year. One issue that will continue to come up each legislative session for years to come is the effort by the State Treasurer to create a state-run retirement plan for consumers. I challenge you to ask yourself the question, “How would that impact your practice and/or clients?” If the answer is something in regards to it not being a good thing for you or your clients, then I would strongly encourage you to make a contribution to our PAC. The PAC is what helps us to work with legislators to stop these types of legislative proposals that negatively impact our businesses and/or clients.

We are excited to grow our local membership throughout the year. If you have someone in the industry you think should become a member but don’t feel comfortable getting them signed up, please reach out to one of our Board Members or myself and we would be glad to make a connection.

We have a new community service project in the works and are excited to announce more about this event as we get closer to finalizing plans. Be sure to follow NAIFA Central Iowa on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on exciting items that are taking place with our organization.

I look forward to watching you all have a successful year for you, your clients and NAIFA Central Iowa!


Ben Bruins

NAIFA Central Iowa President